Architectural Columns Manufactured and Installed by Artistic Statuary.

Whether you are a home builder or a home owner, if you are looking to add a massive wow factor to the support structures of your home, our cast stone columns are for you. All of the columns that we manufacture are built to last. These precast concrete columns are strong and durable and will not take the weathered beating that foam or fiberglass columns take.

We make our precast columns in a variety of heights and sizes to fit any job you can imagine. For the face of the column we have two main designs: the roped column design (pictured above) and the tapered off straight look (pictured below). The columns then have two cap options: the fancy Corinthian cap (pictured above and below) and the Tuscan cap . The columns we pour come in three different color options: white, bone or dark buff. In addition, our cast stone columns can come with either a smooth or keystone finish.

If you are located in South Florida we offer pricing options with full delivery and installation of the columns included. Our installers set up your columns around a steel post or footing, then pour concrete in from the top, setting the column with the cap to finish it off. If you are located outside of Florida, we have arranged shipping to numerous places in the United States and to islands like the Bahamas. If you are interested in pricing on our columns, send us an email with the length of column you would need to or call us at 954-975-9533.

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